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Cowboy is a strong palomino and buckskin producer and so far is 100% paint out of paint mares.
Click here to see Cowboy Kids
You can see in the photos of his offspring that there is a consistancy in his colts. Check out the COLOR! and the QUALITY!
2008 babies coming, 1st one is PALOMINO !!!!!
 This SON of Col. Freckles is an honest gentleman with impeccable manners, and joy to own. He has offspring showing in AQHA, NCHA, and ACHA. 
You will find photos of Cowboy and some of his kids below.
Cowboy consistently puts exceptional heads and necks on his babies. And the Colonel Freckles disposition and learning ability is second to none.
Sadly Cowboy has gone to the great green pasture in the sky.......he will never be forgotten.